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National platform to strengthen contacts between financial study associations and companies.

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The mission and goal of the FAN as a partnership between associations is to bridge the gap between theory and practice. The FAN holds that cooperation on a national and business level will improve the information provision to students. Additionally, a partnership on a national level offers opportunities for the business community. The FAN enables the business community to reach students throughout the country in a targeted manner. Towards all its stakeholders and partners, the FAN maintains a high degree of uniformity and transparency.


FAN offers companies and other interested parties the unique opportunity to present themselves in an optimal manner to their target audience. This can be by means of an e-mail or other advertising option. The national database of the FAN contains all students who are members of one of the five associations, so that you have optimal national reach. A distinction can be made between different specializations, as well as their study progress. If you are interested in one of the many possibilities that FAN can offer, please contact the secretary of the FAN.

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All affiliated associations throughout the Netherlands

SCOPE Maastricht
SCOPE Maastricht
SCOPE Maastricht is the official study association of Maastricht University’s School of Business and Economics and was founded for students of all study tracks offered at the School of Business and Economics, including but not limited to students with an interest for Finance, Accounting or Controlling. Our purpose is to support the international student population in the best way possible and aims to fulfil their interests at hand. We try to realize these goals by working intensively and closely with the university and affiliated firms/organizations.

Every year SCOPE organizes a broad range of activities for companies and students, which includes the Maastricht Business Days, Frankfurt Banking Tour, Dutch Accounting Tour, International Financial Orientation, Nederlandse Kantoren Dag and many others. Currently, SCOPE has over 3600 members, of which a 150 work as active members in a broad range of committees.

As a result of our quality events, SCOPE Maastricht has distinguished itself and we have been able to build long-lasting relations with external partners. As SCOPE Maastricht we value our partners and the relations we have and thus we will make every effort to keep building on these relationships. Additionally, SCOPE has a strong partnership with Maastricht University’s School of Business and Economics, which allows us the means required to reach our goals in a confidant manner.

For a complete overview of all activities or more information about SCOPE Maastricht, please visit www.scope-maastricht.nl or send an email to: info@scope-maastricht.nl

Asset | Accounting & Finance - Tilburg
Asset | Accounting & Finance - Tilburg
Asset | Accounting & Finance is the financial study association of Tilburg University and currently counts more than 2000 members. The association is an active, professional study association that serves students interested in Accountancy, Controlling, Finance and Investment Theory.
With a broad range of activities, Asset | Accounting & Finance builds a bridge between course theory and the practice of the business. In addition, by arranging guest lectures and providing guidelines for a broad range of Accounting and Finance courses, Asset | Accounting & Finance has a supporting role during your study. At last, Asset | Accounting & Finance fulfils an intermediary role between students and the business.
Twice a year, Asset | Accounting & Finance organizes an interactive symposium. For the Accountancy interested students, we organize the Accounting Insight symposium. All Finance interested students can go to the Investment Night symposium. Furthermore, we organize a yearly study tour, where 28 students visit a metropolis for two weeks. The study tour offers a combination of company visits, culture and lots of fun with an ambitious group of students. In addition, Asset | Accounting & Finance has an online magazine called Faces Online. The magazine contains lots of columns, articles and interviews with prominent people out the business community. Last but not least we also have our own investment group, A&F Investments.
Asset | Accounting & Finance also organizes multiple events where students can get into touch with a broad range of companies. We organize the AccountantsDay, the Audit Activity, the Accounting Expedition, the FinanceDay, the Financial Business Dinner, the Finance Expedition and the Economic Business Weeks Tilburg (EBT). In addition, we organize multiple inhouse days, trainings and guest lectures.

For more information about Asset | Accounting & Finance, you can visit the offices of Asset | Accounting & Finance, or visit our website www.www.Asset-AccountingFinance.nl of een mail sturen naar info@Asset-AccountingFinance.nl

Risk - Groningen
Risk - Groningen
Risk is the study association for financially interested students at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen. Risk has set itself the goal to close the gap that exists between theory and practice in the areas of Finance, Accountancy & Controlling, Management Accounting & Control, and International Financial Management.
Since its establishment in 1989, Risk has grown into a highly professional study association with more than 1300 members. Risk aims to organize high-quality activities for all its members and thereby wants to promote contact between members, academic staff and companies.
Risk currently has around 85 active members. These active members organize a wide range of activities during the academic year. Examples of these activities are The London Banking Tour, Accountancy Tour, Accountancy Day, Dutch Banking Tour, Advisory Tour and Controlling Tour which are organized for a select group of students who aspire a possible career in accountancy, controlling, finance or other financial sectors.
In addition, the Risk Congress is organized annually. During this day, students will delve into a theme, which will be further elaborated through lectures, workshops, business lunches and masterclasses. Furthermore, four Investment & Accountancy Evenings are also organized annually. At this event, various speakers present their vision to interested students. Moreover, two financial-related articles are published weekly in our online Magazine, which is compiled by a group of enthusiastic students.
For more information about Risk, and a complete overview of the activities, please visit the Risk website at www.riskgroningen.nl or send an email to chairman@riskgroningen.nl.
FSR - Rotterdam
FSR - Rotterdam
The Financial Study association Rotterdam (FSR) is the study association for students interested in (Quantitative) Finance, Consulting, Accounting and Controlling at Erasmus University Rotterdam, both at Erasmus School of Economics and Rotterdam School of Management. Each year we organise various prestigious activities like the International Banking Cycle, International Research Project, Corporate Finance Competition and the Private Equity Conference. Other activities include workshops, company visits, study trips and company drinks. Additionally, the FSR helps professors to arrange guest speakers for their courses. The FSR organises these activities for her 3200 members interested in finance and/or accounting. To make these events possible, the FSR has partnerships with over 100 companies in several sectors. Furthermore, the FSR has a strong connection with both the ESE and the RSM of the Erasmus University. Within the FAN, the FSR fulfils the role of secretary.

The goal of the FSR is to create a link between theory – as taught at university – and the versatile financial world in practice. Due to our professional approach, events organised by the FSR are of high quality. This ensures that our members get the opportunity to easily find their path in the corporate world. Participation in one of our events helps FSR members to make the right decision at the start of their professional career.

FSA - Amsterdam
FSA - Amsterdam
With more than 4.800 members, the Financial Study association Amsterdam (FSA) is the largest financial study association in the Benelux. We form the bridge between ambitious students and leading companies. We focus on third-year bachelor- and master students from the Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA) and Vrije Universiteit (VU), but we are open to students from all universities. 

The FSA informs students about job opportunities via various online channels, but primarily and more importantly we facilitate face to face contact between students and employers. The FSA hosts a total of 20 career events for its students. We are active in: Accountancy, Asset Management, (Investment) Banking, Consultancy, Corporate Finance, Data Science, Economics, M&A, Multinational, Private Equity, Real Estate Services, and Trading. If you are looking to expand your knowledge, meet companies, apply for an internship or job, we are more than happy to help!

It is also possible to become an active member of the FSA. This means you will organize one of our career events and enjoy all the benefits that come along with that, such as: personal and professional development, meet companies and recruiters, build your CV, and all the social activities, such as the Ski trip to Val Thorens! If you are interested, visit our www.fsa.nl or grab a coffee with our internal relations managers (interal@fsa.nl).

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Financial Association Netherlands

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